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Convivio is the Italian word for together

It captures the feeling of being round a table with family and friends, sharing good food and good conversation.

We take it literally, enjoying some great meals together — but we also take that spirit into our work. This means we're open, collaborative, supportive and sharing.

What it’s like to work at Convivio

At Convivio we’re not remote, we’re free-range. We don’t have a central office, and work from home (or anywhere we fancy each day) — saving time, money and stress compared to commuting. Read more about working from home at Convivio.

Free-range also means having control over what we do, when. We plan our own time, prioritisation, and tasks.

We’re open and transparent, and believe in doing the right things, right. We’re the first digital agency to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark.

The trust that comes with free-range also means unlimited holiday, expenses, equipment and training budget, and more freedoms — with peer review rather than management authorisation.

We work hard, but we support each other well.


  • Free-range

    A high degree of self-management so you can decide where and when to work on what. We mostly work from home, but meet up often in project teams to co-work and workshop, and regularly as a whole company too. But you *won't* be spending most of your time in hotels and random offices with bad wifi and no meeting rooms, and you *won't* be wasting money, time and energy on a daily commute.

  • Valuable work

    We work on significant projects for the public good, making us proud of what we do and the impact we have. We're very selective of the clients and projects we take on, preferring to stay small and happy.

  • Smart lovely colleagues

    We work in multi-disciplinary teams with people we're always able to learn from in different ways. We build each other up, and love spending time together.

  • Ethical and transparent

    We are radically transparent, publishing everything about our finances. We're accredited for the Fair Tax Mark which means they've audited that we pay the right amount of tax, in the right place, at the right time. We contribute 3% of our profits each year towards the creation of a new forest in the UK. And we're always striving to be better and do more.

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